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Plan For A Nauti Night

Wow your partner & turn things up a notch "Plan For A Nauti Night" Let’s face it some of us are unsure or don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a naughty night. No matter your gender we all love to feel extra special or get attention from our spouse. Sure it’s easy enough to grab a bunch of flowers on the way home from work or book dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant, but think about the brownie points you’ll get when put in superb effort. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you...

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What Does a Basic Bondage Set Include?

Discovering bondage can arouse your partner and lead to new heights of pleasure. During bondage play, you can immobolise your partners body and use various items to do so. A basic bondage set can include restraint’s, blindfold, sex dice, feather tickler, whip and ball gag, giving you the basics of bondage essentials necessary to create unlimited fetish fantasies and spicing up your love life. When role playing you will explore each others kinky and naughty sides, be sure to include a safe word ie "Peaches" so the one playing the dominant role knows when they have over stepped boundaries. Recommended Bondage Kits...

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Can I Get Aroused From Nipple Clamps?

Stimulating nipple’s can arouse both genders, from using nipple clamps to your mouth, fingers and temperature to intensify nipple play.While only some can orgasm from nipple play, others enjoy the sensation when the nipples are erect and being stimulated, leading to a more intense orgasm. Nipple clamps are used to increase sensations of slight pain and pleasure to the nipples during foreplay or sex. When worn the nipple area starts to numb and become’s more sensitive, when clamps are removed as the nipples are usually tender, at the point of orgasm nipples can tolerate much stronger stimulation resulting in a...

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