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How do i extend the life of my sex toys?

If your spicing things up in the bedroom sex toys are great, but the most important part of playing with sex toys is taking proper care of them, so you can use them time and time again.

Investing in good quality well known brands can be reliable, affordable and even last years compared to an extremely cheap sex toy from a retailer with no reputation, you may find they give out very quickly, cause irritations or worse. To minimize the risk and growth of bacteria it is important to be as hygienic as possible when caring for your sex toys, be sure to clean them prior and after each use with gentle antibacterial soap, warm water or a body safe sex toy cleaner.

Sex toys that aren't waterproof should not be submerged during washing, batteries need to be removed prior to cleaning and take extra caution when cleaning sex toys attached to a cord.

Taking extra care for your sex toys is the key to extending it's life expectancy, remove batteries between uses, as leaving them in can decrease the lifespan of the motor, don't leave a rechargeable sex toy plugged in longer then it needs to be, last but most important keep your sex toys hygienically clean.

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Is there anything that will help me stop my gag reflux when giving oral sex?

Ahhhh! Men's deepest desire can make some of us gag, although deep throating isn't necessary to give your man a great blow job; which is true. To be the best you can be and to take your man to the heights of oral pleasure practice and learning is essential, as you will find spectacular techniques and tricks for your repertoire of oral sex skills.

Gag reflux can be triggered by almost any point in the back of the throat, or back of the tongue, try using a well known brand oral sex numbing or deep throating spray to aide you during giving good, unforgettable, sin-sational oral sex.

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What is the most popular male masturbator?

There are a number of popular male Masturbators among us, but the number 1 selling male sex toy in the world is the Fleshlight. The fleshlight contains an interchangeable sleeve that's encased in a container which resembles a large flashlight, allowing for discreet storage. Fleshlight's sleeve portion is made from a real feel superskin, which is popular for its ability to replicate sensations of piercing sex through various perforations such as the anus, mouth or vagina. The fleshjack range was designed for gay males and comes in a variety of interchangeable sleeves to suit your needs.

What are the best sex toys for couples?

When it comes to couples play, sex toys can bring excitement and spark back into the bedroom.

With such a wide variety to choose from, it comes down to personal preference. Our nauti girls have come up with 5 top products couples should invest in.

1. The We-Vibe 4 Plus. Wear it during intercourse or on it's own. The We-Vibe will bring you both together like never before, used for solo or couples play and can be controlled from a mobile app weather your in London or Timbuktu.

2. Body Wand. Tickle, Tease and ignite your lover from head to toe. With the powerful to succulent vibrations the temptations are endless. Give an allover body massage, before massaging each others hot spots. The excitement will leave your partner wanting more and more every time.  

3. All Passion Sex Swing. If you've been longing to try those awkward sex moves with little effort, then this is a must have accessory for all couples. Bring back the naughtiness and spice up the bedroom with passion.

4. Finger vibes or Bullets. Are not just for the finger lovers, the pulsations and vibrations in these sleek yet powerful gadget's will have you longing for more. Excite and tease the clitoris, nipples, back of the neck or wherever your erogenous zones maybe. 

5. Beginners bondage kit. Bound and blindfold your lover and tie them to the bed or a chair. Lick, suck, tease, caress and stroke your lover with the whip. Your in charge here! Combined with sex toys, you'll bring your lover to their knees and trembling for more.

Recommended Sex Toys:


We-Vibe 4 Plus                                                       All Passion Swing                                                       Palm Power                             

What lubricant is better for anal sex?

Since the anus and rectum don't produce their own lubrication, finding and using a good quality lubricant for anal play will reduce the chances of damaging the tissue inside the anus and make things slide in and out easier. 

Silicone lubricant that is thicker in consistency, has a longer lasting formulation and wont dry up will achieve that relaxing, sensual, anal sensation you desire. A water based lubricant can also achieve these results though you may find yourself applying more lubricant during your experience.

Before attempting anal sex we recommend the use of an anal douche to keep things clean and tidy. Use a condom and most of all relax.

Recommended lubricants for Anal sex:


             Pjur Back Door                                     Gun Oil Silicone                                  Pjur Analyse Me


What is the best enhancer to help me get an erection?

  Is getting hard or staying hard the problem?

There are a number of products that can aide you with erectile disfunction. Enhancement pills and delay sprays may help you have a stronger, harder and longer lasting erection for increased endowment. They can also intensify your pleasure and performance by boosting your stamina, resulting in the best, most intense sex you could ever have.

Sex Toys can also provide a range of options for erectile disfunction sufferers, by providing more opportunities for sexual pleasure and for some men, changing the way an erection feels.

If you are having difficulty getting an erection sex toys you can try are Strap On's, Cockrings, Penis Sleeves and Vibrators. They come in almost any size and shape you can imagine and will provide you a way of having intense sexual intercourse with your partner.

Don’t suffer from low stamina or be embarrassed by the lack of bedroom performance any longer see our range, they are sure to fulfill your needs.

Recommended enhancers and sex toys for erectile disfunction sufferers:


Fetish Hollow 10" Strap On                       O Man Challenge                                               Screaming O Delay Spray



How do I clean my vibrator?

Smart sex is safe sex!! Right?

When something or someone is up close and personal you'd want it to be cleaned properly. When it comes to sex toys the importance of cleaning not only helps to keep you safe, but also expands the toys life span.

To minimise the risk and growth of bacteria it is important to be as hygienic as possible when caring for your vibrators, be sure to clean them prior and after each use with gentle antibacterial soap, warm water or a body safe sex toy cleaner.

Vibrators that aren't waterproof should not be submerged during washing and batteries need to be removed prior to cleaning this is the key to extending it's life expectancy, remove batteries between uses, as leaving them in can decrease the lifespan of the motor, last but most important keep your vibrators hygienically clean.

Products to help keep your toys hygienically clean.

                             Splash Toy Cleaner                  Pump Worx Toy Cleaner

What is a venus butterfly?

A Venus butterfly was one of the first “look, no hands sex toy specifically designed for clitoral stimulation.

It’s unique feature is the leg straps allowing it to be worn like a pair of panties, this allows the wearer to achieve extra stimulation during solo masturbation sessions or even during intercourse or a daring dinner date!

However, the a venus butterfly is also known as a oral sex act where the performer uses tongue to stimulate the clitoris, places splayed hands together and approaches the vaginal area. Index fingers surround the clitoris, third and fourth fingers enter the vaginal canal and pinkies will either slide in the anus or fold out of the way. Gently open and close your hands. This will force your hands in and out appearing as a fluttering butterfly. Although, this takes technique and time to master! 

Recommended hands free sex toys:


       Remote Control Beaver                              Fetish Remote Control Butterfly                              Vagina Remote Control Pussy

What is the difference between a water penis pump & air penis pump?

A water penis pump works similar to an air pump only they utilise water to create the vacuum needed, they don’t require a pumping mechanism or air to create the vacuum and is used in the shower or bath.

Water assisted pumps are more effective as it splits growth up equally between the different areas of the penis eg, girth/foreskin therefore making it safer and more comfortable as there is no way of pushing out of the safe zone and causing injury or problems.

Air penis pumps can be much cheaper, but less effective and less comfortable, they can even be unsafe, due to the pump being air based there is no limit to the vacuum, which you could potentially go past, and cause some kinds of problems including uneven distribution of the penis eg, having effect on one part of the penis but not the other.

Recommended penis pumps:


Pistol Grip Penis Pump                                  Bathmate Hurcules                           Penis Enlarger - Clear


Do cheaper sex toys have a short life span?

As the saying goes if you buy cheap you buy twice right? But, in this case you may find that cheaper sex toys are usually cheaper to make, including those made of plastic, rubber, jelly or latex.

They will often wear out after prolonged use and can deteriorate within a month after first use if they are not properly cared for.

Cheaper sex toys will require more attention when cleaning and protection whilst in use to get the best life span out of it.

Tips for increasing the life of your sex toys.

1. Clean with a good quality toy cleaner or antibacterial soap before and after every use. (Be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies)

2. Only charge for recommended lengths. (Don't overcharge)

3. Remove batteries whilst sex toys are not in use.

4. Use sex toys only for their sole purpose.

5. Don't submerge sex toys that are not waterproof.

6. Store in a clean, dry area or in a cloth storage bag.