Lube it up for better "Lovin" 

An easy way to maximise pleasure during sex is to use lubricants, they make your sexual activity more sensual, slippery and not to mention fun, as a little lube can go a long way in enhancing your sex play! Before you go ahead and experiment with different lubricants to find one that's right for you, its good to know a little about each one.

Water based lubricants are the most common all-purpose lubricant, they are safe to use with all sex toys and contraceptives, easy to clean up and formulated to be nonirritating. However they tend to dry up easily, but water or a little saliva quickly rectifies this.

Silicone based lubricants are silky smooth and feels more slippery than a water based lubricant as they have a longer lasting formula. Also, can be used with latex contraceptives and sex toys not made of silicone because of the silicone on silicone reactions this will cause your sex toys to break down. Silicone lubricants are also harder to wash off clothing and bedding and tend to be more expensive than the all purpose water based lubricant.

Oil based lubricants are made with a thicker formula and divergent to other lubricants because it is unsafe to use with rubber sex toys and contraceptives, as it can break down the latex. Due to the thicker texture they are also very messy and harder to clean up.

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