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Pop in to our adult toy store at 27 Manners St. Our Love Guru's will help match you with the perfect new sexual aide, accessory, toy or lingerie for your nauti collection. We are Wellingtons favourite sex shop, because everyone who walks through our doors is treated with respect, dignity and made to feel welcomed.
Nauti NZ Wellington | Vibrator, Porn DVD & Fetish Selection

Peace of Mind Shopping

We respect your choices and your privacy. We pride ourselves on giving honest, useful and non-biased information to help you choose the correct products to enhance your sex life. We know the right ways to start exploring a new fetish, what you need to look for in a prostate massager, or why your current vibrator may not be hitting the right spots to get you to orgasm.

Nauti NZ Wellington | Vibrator & Kegel Ball Selection

Something For Everyone

Our clientele are varied, we really have seen (or heard) it all! From single's looking for stress release or solo pleasure products, people looking for toys to stock their sex dungeons, to couples that are exploring new ways to reignite their passion.
With our knowledge of sex toys and sexual issues we can help you understand and learn about your own issues and answer your questions, or point you in the right direction.
Nauti NZ Wellington | Lingerie & Sleepwear Selection

The Right Sex Toy For You

Sometimes a simple cock ring and some lube is all it takes to improve an erection, and a simple set of kegel balls can work wonders to improve a woman's orgasm (and bladder control!). We can help you choose the right product for the job.
So come on in and see us today, you'll wish you had taken the leap to a better and more fulfilling sex life ages ago!
Please note that we do not and cannot offer advice to replace proper medical help and we always suggest you speak to your doctor if you feel an issue needs further examination. Sometimes a small problem now can end up a large problem faster than you realise.