Demoniq Salome

Demoniq Salome

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Bra with chain Corset - handmade.
Easy to insert and remove: 5 fasteners on the back
The ability to attach stockings: 4 fastener
Garter straps:

Excellent fit to the body, thanks to 5 fasteners, adjustable garter straps, setting capabilities of any length chains with fastenings
Bra and panties:

Flexible materials: a delicate mesh and synthetic leather
Bra: adjustable straps and a 2-stage clasp on the back
Decorative, metal wheels and regulators in silver
Effective, vertical stitching on the back panties
Composition: lingerie: 95% polyester, 5% elastane; chain: 95% steel, 3% copper, 2% silver

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