SICO Safety 57 (8pc box)

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SICO condoms are made in Germany and stand for the highest quality. Offering maximum protection combined with high sensitivity 0.06-0.07mm. All SICO condoms are made of natural rubber latex and manufactured on “state-of-the-art” machines developed by CPR. SICO condoms are dermatologically tested and meet the requirements of most international condom standards. CPR condoms meet requirements like ISO 4074 and ISO 10993, all our products have the CE mark and our factory is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


Product Features:

  • Size:  57mm (width), 200mm (length)
  • Transparent, moist coated condoms
  • Material: Natural rubber latex
  • Surface: Smooth, Coating: damp


How to choose the right size:

Condoms need to fit perfectly in order to make you and your partner feel safe and still allow intensive feelings for the both of you. That is why is important to know the right condom size, the best way to do this is to measure the width and not the length the erect penis. The value received in this way can be assigned to one (or more) condom sizes. Keep in mind condoms should be a bit tighter than too loose.

SICO Condom size:

  • 10.8 - 11.4 cm circumference: condom size 52
  • 11.4 - 12.0 cm circumference: condom size 54
  • 12.0 - 12.6 cm circumference: condom size 57
  • 12.6 - 13.2 cm circumference: condom size 60