Know your Spots: A Spot

The A-spot

The A-spot, otherwise known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone is a deep erogenous zone that was discovered by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a medical doctor who found it during his research on vaginal dryness.  Also called the AFE zone, deep spot, 2nd G-spot or epicenter1, or otherwise known as the 'female degenerated prostate'2, it is located at the back of the vagina on the anterior wall, just above the cervix.  Opposite to the A-spot is a similar spot called the posterior fornix which is below the cervix and also sensitive to touch. 

Stimulation of these hot zones “can lead to rapid vaginal lubrication and arousal”3 within seconds, even in women who have a low libido, or have trouble producing adequate lubrication on their own.  In addition, stimulation can “produce violent orgasmic contractions.”4


Dr. Chua Chee Ann spent thirteen years researching an A-spot stimulation technique before actually publishing his findings, which “involves applying pressure to the area, making a scooping motion, and stimulating other parts of the vagina”5.  In addition, the AFE zone allegedly conveys the fluid from the Skene’s gland (where female ejaculation comes from) and redistributes it as vaginal lubrication.

How to Stimulate the A-spot

The A-spot can be stimulated via deep penetration during intercourse, with a sex toy or with your lover’s fingers.  Keep in mind, the average length of the vagina is between 3”-4” to 5”-7” from vaginal opening to cervix.  Also, “the upper two-thirds of the vagina… will elongate and her cervix, the neck of the uterus, will lift up and move out of the way”6 when a woman is sexually aroused.  Depending on the length of the vagina, you will need a sex toy, fingers or penis that is long enough to reach to where the A-spot is located (approximately 3 ½” to 4 ½” deep).





Unless a woman is fully aroused, hitting this spot via hard penetration may be painful. As with any stimulation, start slow, use lots of foreplay, and then gently begin exploring the A-spot. Communication is also very important such as “Does it feel good there?” As you continue to explore use her responses as a guide. Once a woman is completely aroused more pressure can be applied to this sensitive little zone if she likes.

As mentioned above, the A-spot is located on the frontal wall, just in front of the cervix (close to the belly button). If you look at the diagram to the right, you will notice a little rim and groove just before the cervix where the vagina curves upward. Using a finger, you should feel this rim and groove, and the skin would be smooth.The A-spot has also been described as being a larger area than the G-spot, like a Frisbee that encircles the cervix, and rather than a spot, it is more like a zone. Dr. Oz humorously refers to it as being “a whole area, like a big sofa that makes it easier to hit it”.7

With the middle finger use a come hither motion, gently pressing in and then release as you curl the tip of your finger into this groove. The A-spot is easier to locate when a woman is sexually aroused because the vagina “‘balloons’ a little inside, causing the cervix to tilt a bit.”8


Stimulating the A-spot can lead to a gush of vaginal lubrication and intense orgasms.  This is because, during stimulation, the rhythm of penetration simulates the rhythmic muscle contractions that occur during orgasm. In addition, the A-spot can be stimulated repeatedly (even after orgasm as it doesn’t get overly sensitive like the clitoris) so continued stimulation can lead to multiple and/or continuous orgasms


Get into Position

The A-spot can also be stimulated during sexual penetration with a penis. An upward curving penis works well; however, there are certain positions that facilitate stimulating this area better than others. Missionary, Doggie style and Cowgirl are three positions that aid in deeper penetration.


Advanced Missionary

Advanced Doggie Style

The Erotic V

missionary doggie style erotic v

During Missionary position, her hips and bottom should be propped up by pillows and legs up on her partner’s shoulders.  Her partner then thrusts up so they are hitting her frontal wall.

While in the doggie style, she should lie flat with her belly propped upon a pillow so her butt is the highest point.  Her partner should move up higher on her so they can thrust their penis to hit the top of her frontal wall.

This position should be done with her propped against a table and leaning back.  Then her partner thrusts up towards the A-spot.


 A Spot Toys:

There aren’t any vibrators or dildos that are designed specifically for A-spot stimulation.  However, most G-spot vibrators are curved right and can do the trick.  The best ones will have a curved tip like the end joint of a finger flexing upwards

Recommended toys for A Spot stimulation.



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