About Nauti NZ

​What makes Nauti different from other adult sex toy shops in New Zealand?
Our Love Gurus are trained, caring and knowledgeable!

The cons of online shopping

If you've ever bought a sex toy online and had an shock (oh, that's what 8 inches looks like..) when you opened the package, you're not alone. Purchasing online is notorious for being a bit of a gamble, and that sucks when you invest in a premium dildo or vibrator based on user reviews and cool promo videos.

A thoughtful approach to your needs

The thing is, everybody is very different, not only in physical shape and size, but also in our sexual needs and health issues. One toy does not fit all, and one persons good (or bad) review does not correctly represent a product. That's why we proudly invite our customers to visit us in store whenever possible. Our Love Gurus know the questions to ask, and how to ask them respectfully, before matching you with the most fitting sex toy, sexual aide or arousal enhancing product. 

Intimacy experts

We're not a sleazy, dingy store that sells a bit of everything and then some; our products are carefully selected to represent a wide range of sexual interests, medical needs and budgets. Our customers are usually surprised that we don't try to sell them the most expensive toy in the shop on their first visit. For us, when a customer walks in our door we feel blessed at the trust which has been put in us to provide a non-judgmental and helpful service, because it's not easy to tell a stranger about your sex life, and all that comes attached. So if all you need to improve your sex life is a simple cock ring and some lube, that's all you will leave with.

An end to sexual stigma

At the end of the day​ we all strive for a closer relationship with our partners, and we understand the importance a positive sex life can play in that. When you visit our stores, you can feel safe knowing that all of our staff believe in our mission: to end the stigma around sexual intercourse and sexual interests so that everybody can full express their individual needs openly and without judgement. 

By shopping at Nauti, not only will you be on the road to a better, healthier, sex life; you allow us to help the next person feel it's ok to walk through our doors and ask for help. For that, we thank you.

XO Nauti NZ Love Gurus​​