Caring For Your Pleaser Heels.

Caring for your Pleaser heels. 

As with your toys and lingerie your beautiful new pair of heels also come with a guideline for correct care. 

We have talked to pole dancers and done our research on other blogs and compiled a list of possible issues you may have arise over the life of your heels, and how to prevent and fix these. 

  1. Rubber sole peeling away. 

As with any shoes if you roll on the front, or drag the toe you may find the rubber sole starting to peel away, this is easily prevented by filing or shaving the edges of the sole.  if you are a floorwork goddess this can be an essential step when you get your new shoes. 

Simply file or run a knife around the protruding edge of the sole to remove any overlap of where it protrudes from the platform and you're ready to go! 

Alternatively, if you do not want to do this, super glue or "Shoo Gloo" are great to stick it back down. 

  1. Saving the finish on your shoes. 

Chrome and colored platforms on your Pleaser heels are painted on, any painted surface that is subject to friction (I.e. sweeping the platforms across the floor) will eventually wear down. 

If you are using your shoes for daily practice and were you may find this occurring, you can cover the platform with a sock for practice and training sessions or you can fix it with nail polish or a marker pen in the same or similar color and this should only be visible up close!. 

Once the color is really getting the end of its life it's not over yet!  you can sand down the platforms and spray paint or glitter them for your own custom heels! 

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  1. Dirty foot beds. 

Once they have been worn a few times if you have a pair of Pleasers with a light-colored foot bed you will find they start to dirty on the toe, and discolor from sweat, there isn't really and preventative measure for this (apart from buying shoes with a black foot bed) but you can clean them daily with a wet wipe to tidy them up a bit. 

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  1. Torn PVC finish. 

Combining PVC with pole dancing and friction is bound to lead to some accidentsessentially PVC finish boots are multi layered so when friction occurs they may start to peel away, when this starts to happen the best fix is glue it back down while it's still a "flap" or if it has torn off completely nail polish is a great way to touch up and again is not visible unless up close. 

  1. Broken Straps. 

If you find your straps tearing (usually caused by rolling ankles or tripping) the best solution is simply getting a pair of Pleasers detachable ankle straps, these are great for torn shoes and also for strapless heels to have better support. 

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We hope this post has been helpful in assisting you to look after your new shoes, and happy dancing! 


Please choose your new shoes carefully as for health and safety reasons we will not accept any returns or replacements on change of mind. 

Our procedure for returns is based on the above guidelines, we have spoken to Pleaser USA and they will only accept replacements for manufacturers defaults at their discretion. This DOES NOT cover wear and tear. All replacements will be inspected by Nauti NZ Head Office and Pleaser USA to come to an agreement on what we will accept as replacements. 

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