Extra Strong Vibrators For The Power Queens

Are you an Orgasm addict? Or perhaps the preferred term is Power Queen?

There is nothing worse than a sub-par vibrator; of course, we’re talking about the ones which just don’t quite get you where you’d like to be.

For many of us women, the more power a vibrator has, the better! But fear not, it doesn’t have to be a matter of trial and error when discovering the ideal sex toy, as there are some vibrators on the market that are renowned for their power, and the intense sensations and pleasures, which with they never fail to deliver. In addition, there are a few rules which are worth noting, when the time comes for buying a new, powerful sex toy.

Female sex toys which are powered by actually plugging into the wall can be powerful; and never go flat, but not all female sex toys that plug into the wall are going to deliver you with the intense power you desire, with the new innovations of rechargeable sex toys their energy is positively boundless. One of the most often mentioned, eminently regarded high-powered sex toys are Wand Vibrators; otherwise known as Body Wands, and there is a reason why Wand vibes are in a class of their own. These toys come in many styles, from smaller wands to larger wands, to smart wands. One of the most iconic examples, and leading products as you may already know is the Palm Power Rechargeable Massager; one of Nauti NZ's top selling vibrators of the year!

If you are lucky enough to own one already, you are sure to be aware of the class that epitomizes them. Wand vibrator heads are made from long lasting, high-grade silicone, and therefore they can withstand a great deal of use and pressure, in addition to the appliance of the many attachments available for these types of toys.

Is it waterproof? With all the designers focus being put into the power of this cloud 9 orgasmic device maybe the thought of making it waterproof was forgotten about! The Palm Power is splash proof so squirter's need not worry too much.

Toys which offer a capacity for multi-function, with regards to speed, and type of vibration, can add range and variation to your power, as you can slowly amplify the intensity as and when you need to. Bullet vibrators offer direct stimulation, and are superb when used in conjunction with other vibrators, for example, on the clitoris, or the nipples, to create a range of sensory play options which never fail to tease, and turn on!

The We-Vibe Tango has become the bullet of choice among sex toy reviewers and lovers of pin pointed power. With its classic bullet shape it can be used solo, is non-invasive during penetrative sex and it’s waterproof and rechargeable too.

If you want a rechargeable vibrator and/or something alternative to a massage wand, you will more likely find the power you desire from one of the leading manufacturers such as Fun Factory or We-Vibe among other top brands. Through their research and development, their build quality and motor strength will provide the power you desire whilst being made of high quality silicone.

Choosing toys made of silicone increases the vibe’s power-rating, as the sensational vibrations can travel easily through silicone to their targeted area; alas, providing you with an undoubtedly powerful and mind blowing experience. So by checking the toy’s power method and voltage, the material it is made from and its specific style of stimulation, can all be indicative as to what to expect from best vibrators ensuring that you’re never left feeling dissatisfied, or disillusioned with a new adult toy purchase – so even the most power mad among us will be sure to find their supreme sex toy. 


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