How Do I Extend The Life Of My Sex Toys?

If your spicing things up in the bedroom sex toys are great, but the most important part of playing with sex toys is taking proper care of them, so you can use them time and time again.

Investing in good quality well known brands can be reliable, affordable and even last years compared to an extremely cheap sex toy from a retailer with no reputation, you may find they give out very quickly, cause irritations or worse. To minimize the risk and growth of bacteria it is important to be as hygienic as possible when caring for your sex toys, be sure to clean them prior and after each use with gentle antibacterial soap, warm water or a body safe sex toy cleaner.

Sex toys that aren't waterproof should not be submerged during washing, batteries need to be removed prior to cleaning and take extra caution when cleaning sex toys attached to a cord.

Taking extra care for your sex toys is the key to extending it's life expectancy, remove batteries between uses, as leaving them in can decrease the lifespan of the motor, don't leave a rechargeable sex toy plugged in longer then it needs to be, last but most important keep your sex toys hygienically clean.


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