What Are The Best Sex Toys For Couples?

When it comes to couples play, sex toys can bring excitement and spark back into the bedroom.

With such a wide variety to choose from, it comes down to personal preference. Our nauti girls have come up with 5 top products couples should invest in.

1. The We-Vibe 4 Plus. Wear it during intercourse or on it's own. The We-Vibe will bring you both together like never before, used for solo or couples play and can be controlled from a mobile app weather your in London or Timbuktu.

2. Body Wand. Tickle, Tease and ignite your lover from head to toe. With the powerful to succulent vibrations the temptations are endless. Give an allover body massage, before massaging each others hot spots. The excitement will leave your partner wanting more and more every time.  

3. All Passion Sex Swing. If you've been longing to try those awkward sex moves with little effort, then this is a must have accessory for all couples. Bring back the naughtiness and spice up the bedroom with passion.

4. Finger vibes or Bullets. Are not just for the finger lovers, the pulsations and vibrations in these sleek yet powerful gadget's will have you longing for more. Excite and tease the clitoris, nipples, back of the neck or wherever your erogenous zones maybe. 

5. Beginners bondage kit. Bound and blindfold your lover and tie them to the bed or a chair. Lick, suck, tease, caress and stroke your lover with the whip. Your in charge here! Combined with sex toys, you'll bring your lover to their knees and trembling for more.

Recommended Sex Toys:


We-Vibe 4 Plus                                                       All Passion Swing                                                       Palm Power                             

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