Nauti Tips For Beginners: Spanking

For centuries, spanking has been used as a corporal punishment for bad behavior. But we also know spanking to be a exciting way to spice things up in the bedroom.

How do I introduce spanking to my relationship?
Before you get started, always have a conversation with your partner. It is important in any sexual play to have their full consent. Some people may feel awkward talking about sex, but it is a bad idea to surprise your partner by doing something they may not feel comfortable with, or that would give them a bad experience. You have to be on the same page, establish some ground rules and discuss how far you are willing to go, too.

Before you begin, some foreplay tips:

What maybe kinky to you, might be creepy for them, so just have an chat about it, and explain what you have in mind. The good news is, you can use talking about your desires and spicing things up as a foreplay. Often a few naughty thoughts can get you both fired up in no time.
The other thing we always recommend when playing with pain and pleasure, is to choose a safe word prior to starting. This means that the person receiving the pain can stop the play if it is too much for them. And yes we know you purposely don't want to hurt your partner, but different people have different pain tolerance and also spanking makes you feel all sorts of emotions whilst receiving or giving, so it is important to respect your partners wishes to keep things fun! Now you have established the ground rules so lets get started!

Start slowly!

Before moving on to using tools, start testing the waters by just using your hand. This is not only free but it is also a good way to see if spanking is something you enjoy.
Warming up slowly is important so you don't give the body a shock and turn you or your partner off by doing so. So start by giving your partner a nice rub; massage and squeeze the area to bring some blood flow in before giving them light smack, and then slowly start building up the velocity and power. Tease the area, give it rubs and strokes in between the slaps. This will make it feel more sexual and fun, and also builds the excitement and anticipation of not knowing when your partner is gonna spank you next. You can add kissing the area too if you want to make it extra hot. When smacking the bum, the blood will be rushing in making the skin feel extra sensitive and the extra blood flow will also arouse the genital area. Spanking stimulates the nerve-endings and that's why you get a nice rush and tingle from it. You can spank any area of the body, but many prefer the bum for it has softer and fattier flesh and also any possible bruising will be well hidden from the outside world.

Time to explore...
Although bum is the most common area to spank, you can also try spanking on the thighs, the shoulder blades and feet. Wherever you want really, you choose.
You will also have to choose your position. Do you like to be bent over the knee or maybe over a desk, or do you prefer doggy style? Do you want to be restraint or blindfolded for extra stimulation, or maybe you just want to lie down or simply stand up? Different spanking tools will also have different effects in different positions. Options are endless and you can switch the positions as you go.

If you are ready to move on to using tools, and start exploring the world of BDSM (Bondage Domination Submission and Masochism) further you can come in our store and one of our trained staff members will show you our range of different tools and kits you can use for spanking.
There are many options between paddles, whips, floggers, straps, crops, ropes or canes. Whenever using a new toy, test their power slowly. Whips and canes can cause some of the highest pain levels, so you have to be careful not to cause an injury - or choose a tool that will cause much more pain that you had anticipated on yourself or your partner. 

Flogger can be a nice way to move on from the hand, because you can you use the tips to tickle or slap playing with the sensations of nice and sweet to sharp and stingy. The anticipation of each hit creates heightened awareness to your body and to what your partner is doing. Try this with your eyes closed too, trust us, you will like it!

Should we be us or get in character?

Spanking is also a great way to introduce or intertwine role play in to your sex life. You can choose if one of you prefers to have the dominant role and the other is submissive. Then you can decide if you have a fantasy, such as teacher and student or police and criminal etc. It can make spanking real fun and give you some playful reasons of why you are doing it.
Explore your partners, and your own fantasy and the options are endless. Just have fun with it, it doesn't have to be scary!

Finally you want to make sure that you take care of the area after. You might want to press some ice against it, or some people use things like aloe vera to soothe the skin. In the event of any skin breakage, an ointment is recommended. To stay safe our last recommendation is just to keep moving the area you spank, not repeatedly hitting the same spot and never, ever spank or hit the spine.
Have fun lovers!

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