Real Rock, powered by multi award winning company Shots Toys, are leaders in the realistic dildo field. With an astounding commitment to quality and design, these dildos are a cut above the rest. Their quality and dedication to being the best have secured them a place as industry legends. When you're looking for quality dildos that won't let you down when you need them most, look no further than the impressive Real Rock range.​ 
The Real Rock range is exceptionally unique in that it is Thermo-Reactive - meaning that the qualities of these dildos change depending on the temperature. When heated ( max 30 seconds in the Microwave / 2 Mins boiling water), the thermo-reactive characteristics of these dildos alter the feel. When heated the dildo becomes softer, easier to move and tweak. When placed in the fridge, or when cooled, it becomes harder. With these temperature play characteristics in mind - you're essentially getting multiple dildos in one box! Perfect for those that like variety.