Ion by ARCWAVE DryTech Packs

When you're ready to go, but your DryTech stick needs a little more time to compeltly dry, you can always rely on your backups.

The DryTech packs are the self-absorbing packs for the DryTech stick inside your ARCWAVE™ Ion Storage Base. While you initially get one DryTech pack included with your purchase of the ARCWAVE™ Ion, this three pack of the DryTech packs will prove handy as either backups or replacements when you require them. They aid in the drying process with their silica capsules inside, absorbing leftover water droplets when you leave your ARCWAVE™ Ion on it's convieniant drying stand. Best of all, they are completley reusable. Either leave them to dry naturally, or throw them in the microwave for a speedier drying process.

Don't leave yourself short when it comes to pleasure and stock up with some more of these innovative drying aids.

Product Features:
  • 3 pack of DryTech packs
  • Aids the process of drying an ARCWAVE™ Ion from the inside
  • Collects leftover water droplets after cleaning
  • Materials: Silica
  • Reusable