Kegel Exercise System

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The regular use of kegal exercisers can have an incredible advantage on your pelvic muscles, and on your sex life. The Kegal Exercise System has been designed to aid those who feel have lost strength in their nether region, while also simultaneously improving the overall quality of intercourse, and a promise of better, stronger orgasms.

This pack comes with 3 weights - 30g, 44g, and 57g - that are designed to be used progressively the stronger you need to go. Start by using the lightest kegal first, and wear for 10 to 20 minutes per day, either during your daily activities or by incorporating kegal exercises into your routine.

 After your body begins to feel stronger and more resiliant, move up to the next weight, and start to really feel the difference in your pelvic muscles, either generally or during intercourse.

The weights are coated in a medical grade silicone, that's safe to use on your body, and easy to clean after use. They are attached with silicone draw-strings, that allow for ease of removal, and are waterproof for an absolutely versitile use. Use them 3 times a week for a transformation on your pelvic muscles, and an improvement on your vaginal elasticity, so you can experience stronger, more intense orgasms, and better overall sexual wellness with this handy 3-piece set.