Clitoral Arousal Serum

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Experiencing sexuality, relaxation, natural happiness and health, rather than instant gratification and technological advances, is tapping into a new mindset of pleasure.

We need to reconnect with our bodies, and the genitals are the most underrated part of our anatomy. We want to put your clitoris on the map and bring attention to it, keeping you focused during a solo pleasure session or a sex marathon with your partner. lack of sensation can be a reality for vulva-owners and this arousal serum increases sensitivity and drives attention to the vulva and clitoris.

The arginine is responsible for sensitizing the area while the ginzeng increases the microcirculation bringing more blood to the clitoris and boosting arousal. To keep you from distractions we added Thermolat® a patented molecule responsible for a gentle tingling and warming effect.


Product features:

  • Enhances own lubrication response
  • Matches your Ph
  • Fast-absorbing formula
  • 95% natural ingredients
  • Patented warming molecule
  • Sensitizing effect
  • Increases microcirculation