PalmPower Plug and Play

$155.35 $132.05

All the power of a plug-in wand with the advantages of a USB rechargeable one. Palm Power Plug & Play is a USB powered massager that delivers intense vibrations exactly where you want them.

This wand is not rechargeable however instead of a power point connection, it uses a usb one that can be plugged-in to a wall or car adaptors or even a portable battery, making it the perfect travel companion.

The Plug & Play has all the loved features of a wand, a flexible and large silicone head, constant power, strong vibrations, ergonomic handle and easy to use controls without the inconvenience of needing a power point compatible with each region of the world.

The large USB cable will reach any place where you want to plug in this powerful wand that also includes a USB portable battery for those moments where there’s no power point nearby.

Compatible with all PalmPower attachments this versatile massager will become a favourite of your customers in no time.


Product Features:

  • Material: high-grade silicone head
  • Power: USB Plug-in
  • Size: 189mm x 40mm
  • 2.5m USB cord