Scandal Bicep Restraint Red

$71.44 $60.72

The Scandal Bicep Restraint tethers the submissive’s arms to their sides, allowing them to move only their elbows. Experience the intense sensation of handing over total control to your dominant, letting them decide just how tightly to tie your arms against your body. No matter how firmly you’re bound, being tied up never felt so lusciously comfortable: The interior of the restraint is perfectly soft and cushy, keeping your arms comfortable and supported even as you twist and squirm for your lover’s touch. For the dominant, the sight of your lover in this restraint will be wholly irresistible. Drink in the sight of their sexy figure bound tightly together as the gorgeous red and black fabric accentuates their every curve…which is now yours to enjoy in any way you desire. Bind their arms loosely and enjoy the feel of their hands on your body or tether them tightly across their back and take total control of their pleasure. No matter your mood, this bondage piece brings a rush of intensity as you trust your lover to take control of your heightened senses. Experience every kiss, every pinch, every hot whisper in your ear in a whole new way as you lie back and lose yourself in being at the mercy of their every whim.