Scandal Bondage Bar Red

$77.94 $66.25

Bend over and get ready for ecstasy with the Scandal Bondage Bar. You’ll look amazing bent over and restrained with all of your assets on display for your lover’s enjoyment. The high-quality, red and black designer fabric will have you feeling like erotic royalty as you pull against the strong cuffs and anxiously await your partner’s touch. The interior of the wrist and ankle cuffs is incredibly soft and plushy, ensuring that you’ll stay comfy no matter how hard you strain against their hold. The collapsible bondage bar makes for discreet storage and turns this toy into the perfect travel companion. The most versatile spreader bar on the market and is perfect for both beginners and experts; S&M enthusiasts will love the access it provides to their submissive’s most sensitive spots. Have your lover bend over, strap them in, and spank, grab, and tease them until they’re beginning for release. It’s the perfect toy for both pleasure and punishment. This bondage bar is perfect for spicing up an evening of softer play, too: Experiment with exchanges of power and relinquish control while your partner carries out your deepest desires. The cuffs are incredibly easy to use and adjust, and they feature Velcro closures to make switching positions a snap. Realize your naughtiest desires tonight. Specifications: