Entice! Game

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Arouse and delight your lover with the sensuous Entice! Game. The easy to play couple’s board game that's designed to teach you all there is to know about your lover.

This themed 2 player game is suitable for new lovers, established couples, and is great entertainment for a cozy night in together. The aim of the intimate game is to answer questions about mutual wants and desires and to be the first person to reach the Climax Finish space on the board. Take turns in chancing your luck by answering and asking questions that reveal your secret desires and erotic fantasies.

This playful and passionate game is a great way to learn more about your lover. Test your knowledge by answering intimate questions that relate to sex, romance, and love. To enhance your intimacy even further, put your new knowledge into practice and explore tantalizing possibilities and shared secrets.

Product Features:

  • A playful couple's game that's designed to teach you all about your lover
  • Answer questions about mutual wants, intimate desires, and frisky fantasies to be the first the hit the Climax Finish space
  • Pack contents: 55 “Male Entice” cards, 55 “Female Entice” cards, 25 “Get Hot” cards, a game board, 2 pawns, 1 six-sided die, and instructions.
  • Size: 4cm x 23.4cm x 15.8cm
  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase (from manufacturer)