Her Royal Harness The Royal Ultra-Soft Set

$249.99 $234.99

Made to thrust you into the thrilling world of mutually satisfying pleasure with the Her Royal Harness™: The Royal Ultra-Soft™ Set. Each set includes The Regal™ Princess and the ME2™ Ultra-Soft™ G-Probe with 3 interchangeable probe rings.

The sensual Ultra-Soft™ Probe is made for mutual stimulation and satisfaction, with a perfectly contoured base and a g-spot teasing curved shaft. Made to caress yours, and hers, most intimate curves for double the orgasmic pleasure. The accentuated probe and rigid shaft are perfectly created to tease the intimate curves, and indulge internal sweet spots, for your lover, while you get lost in the teasing contoured base.

Stay comfortable while you cozy up to your lover with this femme harness' soft vegan leather, plush velvet lining, and wide lower back support strap. Indulge in designer lingerie with the grey leatherette and nickel-free metal accents. Embrace uninhibited play, unrestrained pleasure and let your fantasies run wild with this harness’ lustful crotch-less design.

Product Features:

  • Set includes: The Regal Princess™ harness with the perfectly angled Ultra-Soft G-Probe for true mutual stimulation
  • Comes with a set of 3 interchangable rings: Small, Medium, and Large
  • Harness is compatible with most probes and all ME2™ probes
  • Designed to be totally crotchless
  • Discreet snap design to accommodate any size ring
  • Easy to adjust cinch style waist and straps
  • Fully adjustable - fits up to 162.5cm
  • Materials: Silicone (Probe), PVC Plastic, Polyester, Iron (Harness)
  • Phthalate Free
  • Size: 162.5cm (Waist Circumference), 3.75cm (Small Ring Diameter), 4.5cm (Medium Ring Diameter), 5cm (Large Ring Diameter), 17.25cm x 3.75cm (Probe), 10.75cm x 7.5cm (Probe Base)
  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase (from manufacturer)