Sick and tired of your sex or masturbation routine? It's high time to explore uncharted sexual territory—your butthole. Discover all-new orgasmic sensations inside your rear hole to maximize fun when you get down and dirty with someone or just by yourself.

Kiss your inhibitions goodbye by entering the unorthodox world of anal sex play! Explore its hidden secrets and find out why anal sex is one of those sex techniques that you have to experience to appreciate.

Silicone is the chosen material to make these babies as it's body-safe. Compatible with all skin types, silicone won't cause any skin irritation as it's hypoallergenic. Free from harmful compounds, this material won't compromise your health. And last but not least, silicone is non-porous, making thorough cleaning easy peasy. All you need is warm water and anti-bacterial soap to wash away dirt and get rid of bacteria.

FORTO F-21 Tear Drop anal plug offers a narrow tip and body for easy insertion with a little band of bling around the neck. The anus can be an amazing source of pleasure, and these new plugs from FORTO are perfect for booty beginners, advanced players, and everybody in between! When paired with a quality water-based lubricant, the sensations can be unlimited!


Product features:

  • Available in three different sizes and two colors.
  • Made from smooth and silky silicone
  • Narrow tip for comfortable insertion 
  • Clean easy to display packaging with dimensions included
  • Great for penetrative anal-sex prep, extended-wear, or a fun way to add more sensation to solo play or double penetration experimentation for those with vaginas.
  • COLORS: Black or Red.