IKU.in JOY Magenta

$79.99 $73.99
The IKU JOY masturbator ring surprises you with its unique, exciting design. It`s refined simplicity and ingenious materials will provide you with endless moments of excitement and pleasure.

So soft and so safe.

The silicone insert is made of IKUsilc, our super soft and dermatologically tested silicone. IKUsilc is certified and free from plasticizers. Enjoy a silky, skin-like feeling knowing that your manhood is in best care.

The outer ring is made of medical grade TPE which is certified to the highest standards*. Its flexible and grippy and allows you to apply individual pressure.

Ingeniously simple and hygienic.

The IKU JOY is an ingeniously simple sextoy and will guide you to completely new, intense climaxes.

Thanks to its uncomplicated, modular design, the IKU JOY is super easy to clean. Simply remove the silicone insert and clean both parts with water and soap – Done! You will be ready for the next round in no time.

Modularly expandable.

Enjoy your lusty time out with one masturbator ring or combine several IKU JOY with our ingenious magnetic click system.

Individually, the IKU JOY is super compact and can be taken anywhere. It is your perfect travel companion and there when you need it.

And if one IKU JOY can already provide you with such intense and sensual pleasure, just imagine what arousing emotional orgies you will experience with a combination of two or three rings!

Enjoy alone or with your partner.

The IKU JOY is not only a perfect men’s toy and an ingeniously simple masturbator ring, but also an exciting sextoy for couples. Let your partner pleasure you playfully and help him / her to always apply the right pressure on your best piece. The IKU JOY is also the perfect support for oral sex.