IKU O1L Lubricant/Massage/Body Oil

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IKU O1L is a true all-rounder - it is a lubricant, intimate oil, massage oil, and body oil all in one, combining intimate fun with perfect care for your best piece. In combination with our IKU masturbators, and of course, other silicone lovetoys, IKU O1L offers smoothly horny gliding properties. Use it for partner massages and dive deeper with IKU O1L with a clear conscience. The carefully selected and 100% natural ingredients grape seed oil, macadamia oil, and almond oil pamper your entire body and are particularly gentle on your intimate area.

At a glance:
Smooth & arousing - best gliding properties for masturbation, intimate massages, and partner massages
Gentle - very good skin compatibility and gentle on the intimate area
Nourishing - selected ingredients nourish the skin, even after shaving
High quality & natural - grape seed, macadamia, and almond oil
Protective - vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects the sensitive skin
Uncompromising - free from fragrances and aromas
Vegan - free from animal ingredients
Very economical - rich formulation
Silicone-free - compatible with silicone toys

Tips for use: 
IKU O1L is very economical: one to three pumps are sufficient depending on the application. 
When used as an intimate and body oil, it is best to apply IKU O1L to damp skin after showering or shaving - this allows for ideal distribution and faster absorption. If you suffer from dry skin, add a few drops to your bathwater as a care additive. 
Ingredients: Grape seed oil, macadamia oil, almond oil, Cetiol C5*, vitamin E 
*Cetiol is a natural and smooth light emollient for use in skin care applications 

NOT suitable for condoms 
Made in Germany.