Onyx+ & Pearl2 Couple Set Purple

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When you are miles apart from your significant other, distance can put a strain on your relationship. Kiiroo have created a solution to your problem.

Kiiroo Onyx+ and Kiiroo Pearl2 are revolutionary sex toys that allow you to feel your lover from anywhere in the world. Each toy is Bluetooth enabled and can communicate directly when connected to the Kiiroo video chat platform or app. You can give and receive pleasure from these partnered toys.

When the Pearl2 is inserted into the body, the touch sensors signal to Onyx+ mimicking intercourse in real-time. With a swipe of the touchpad on Onyx+, you can control her vibrations, and have her pleasure yours.

The Kiiroo Onyx+ is an automatic male masturbator. It is lined with Fleshlight SuperSkin, an ultra-soft and lifelike material designed to give you the most satisfying experience. Inside is the patented pleasure core, which consists of 10 contracting rings that move in sync to mimic the sensation of thrust. When connected to Kiiroo Pearl2, the pleasure core will mimic her movements, for an 
erotic, interactive online experience.

This Kiiroo Pearl2 is a purple touch-sensitive vibrator. When stroked, the Pearl2 will transmit these movements to the Onyx+, which will respond by moving in sync. The Onyx+ user can control the speed, and pattern of vibration, of the Pearl with the external touchpad. Two-way communication between toys gives you the ability to maintain intimacy with your lover from anywhere in the world.

The Couple Set includes:

- Kiiroo Onyx+
- Purple Kiiroo Pearl2
- USB charging cables
- Authenticity cards
- Instruction manual
- Satin storage bag

Enjoy the intimacy, no matter how far apart you are.

Onyx2 Product Features:

  • An automatic fleshlight that mimics the sensation of intercourse, especially when paired with the Pearl2
  • 3 Modes to play with: Interactive ModeManual Mode, and Automatic Mode
  • Touch-sensitive trackpad used to control the speed of the stroke and partner devices.
  • Materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Polyoxymethylene
  • Sleeve: Flashlight SuperSkin (Reusable)
  • Power Type: Rechargable  (equipped with Lithium-ion Polymer battery 1000 mAh)
  • Charging: 4 Hours
  • Play Time: 1 Hour
  • Size: 8.9 (D) x 7.9 (W) x 26.3cm (L)
  • Weights: 1.3kgs (with box)

Pearl2 Product Features:

  • A touch-sensitive vibrator that, when paired with the Onyx+, sends movements to the opposing device to mimic the sensation of intercourse
  • Enjoy the exotic texture of the purple silicone exterior
  • Touch-sensitive trackpad used to control the speed of the stroke and partner devices.
  • Materials: Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, Silicone
  • Power Type: Rechargeable (equipped with Lithium-ion battery 540 mAh)
  • Charging: 2 Hours
  • Play Time: 1 Hour
  • Size: 3.6 (D) x 3.9 (W) x 20cm (L)
  • Weights: 159g (with USB cable)