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MYHIXEL is a revolutionary, clinically proven program designed to help you last longer in bed, while also teaching how to improve climax control

MYHIXEL: MED is an alternative to pharmacological treatments for premature ejaculation; a unique method invented for men who always ejaculate under 3 minutes during sexual intercourse. It combines the anonymized MYHIXEL Play App, for users to follow the playful and personalized treatment 'Play MED', along with the advanced MYHIXEL I, a pleasure device designed specifically to achieve ejaculatory control, and uses the latest medical and technological advances to emulate real penetration. Backed by a group of sexual health specialists, who have participated in both the design of the device and the exercise program, the results of this method have been proven to last up to 7 times longer than the duration of the users' sexual intercourse time. As an added bonus MYHIXEL: MED includes an appointment with a member of the MYHIXEL team of experts specialized in sexual health.

With it's innovative design, cutting-edge technology, high quality materials, and it's inventive exercise and game programs, MYHIXEL becomes a completly gratifying and sexual experience, not just another sex toy.

Product Features:

  • Helps to achieve climax control for up to 7x longer 
  • Scientifically proven program, with no side effects
  • Uses personalised gamified activites to improve climax control
  • Therapeutic vibration
  • Self-heating mode
  • Discreetly and elegantly designed
  • Materials (MYHIXEL I): Thermoplastic Elastomer, ABS, Silicone
  • Water-resistant
  • Power Type: Rechargeable by Magnetic USB (Lithium battery)
  • Pack Contents: MYHIXEL I device (sleeve included), Download instructions for MYHIXEL Play, MYHIXEL contact charger, MYHIXEL instruction manual, Serial number for MYHIXEL Play program (consultation bonus activated when first activating MYHIXEL Play)
  • Size (MYHIXEL I): 11.3cm (L) x 11.3cm (W) x 20.3cm (H)
  • Weight (MYHIXEL I): 630g (with lid), 560 grams (while using)
  • Made in Spain