Luxurious Kegel balls, crafted from high quality aluminium with a silicone harness to hold them.

Yani comes with 2 different pair of balls, one set is 30g and the other 40g, and with 2 different harness to hold the ball and provide a retrieval cord, 1 set can hold 1 ball and the other 2 balls at the same time.

Thanks to its different weights and harnesses, Yani is the perfect set for progressive exercisers and can be used from beginners to advance.

If your customer is a beginner suggest to start with the single light ball, then move to the single heave ball, next step is the double light balls and for the advance users is the double heavy balls.

Because the balls can be removed from the harnesses, Yani can also be as a traditional Ben Wa balls to provide stimulation and a sense of fulfilment during foreplay or masturbation.

Product Features:

  • Material: aluminium and silicone
  • Weight of gold balls: 30g each
  • Weight of blue balls: 40g each
  • Balls diameter: 31mm