Humphrey Pillow Mount Red

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Get more out of your favorite toys by hugging this squeezable Humphrey Pillow while kneeling or laying, and add a bullet, wand or any vibrator for even more sensations.

The Liberator Humphrey Pillow can be used on your own for solo masturbation or with a partner.

Humphrey allows for hands-free enjoyment of vibrators and dildos simultaneously by featuring two separate pockets, one to house small vibrators or bullets to achieve clitoral stimulation and another to tuck a dildo into.

If your self-love sessions or your mobility is not what it used to be and you sometimes suffer from tough-to-sustain positions, then the Liberator Humphrey Pillow Toy Mount could be your new BFF in the bedroom.

This unique pillow can help enhance or improve your intimacy while also being discreet...