RingO in POP box Assorted (18 pcs)


RingO's are one of Screaming O most popular sex toys thanks to their simple and effective design. These super-stretchy cock rings have one purpose: to help keep his erections strong and hard. No bells and whistles, just straight-up better sex!

RingO can be used around the penis, the testicles or both. The snug fit is what helps restrict blood flow to the penis, which is how it helps keep it harder for longer. Users also may feel more sensitive, a heightened sense of pleasure, and some RingO's fans experience more powerful orgasms. RingO's are also reusable.

The POP box is perfect to display in the counter and the bright assorted colours will certainly be an eye catcher for the customers.

Product Features:

  • Material: Body-safe SEBS
  • Weight: 24 g
  • Size: 6 x 82 x 92 mm