Boundless Hog Tie


If you're looking to explore your sexual boundaries, the Boundless™: Hog Tie gives you the power to take your sexual games up a notch. Bind your submissive partner with their hands and feet behind their back - or in the front - and take full advantage of the position they will be stuck in.

These sturdy cuffs and ankle cuffs are great for BDSM/Roleplay in full bondage, totally controlling the submissive partner in the bedroom. Fully adjustable they are bound with Velcro®-style hook and loop fasteners, with universal clasps and o-rings for a swivel design with full dexterity. The soft, plushy interior of the cuffs provides maximum comfort while being totally bound, even while your extremities are pointed to the sky, and the vegan-leather exterior looks rough enough to play hard. The double-padded, double-stitched design doubles down on the comfort and rough play, ensuring that this high-quality product lasts for many nights to come (pun intended).

If you want to tone it down a bit, the Boundless™: Hog Tie also disassembles completely and may be used as individual wrist and ankle cuffs. With the versatility and range of this BDSM-inspired accessory, you can take your bedroom ventures as far as you please, and as hard as you like.

Product Features:

  • A boundable cuff and ankle cuff set
  • 4 totally adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs
  • Velcro style closures
  • Soft, plushy, double padded interior - for maximum comfort
  • Vegan leather exterior - for a hard look
  • Functional, durable, double-stitched design
  • Sturdy, heavy duty hog tie connecter
  • Universal clasps and o-rings for swivel design
  • Can be disassembled for individual cuff use
  • Material: PU (fabric), Polyester (lining, ribbon decor, Velcro), Nickel-free iron (o-rings, d-rings), Nickel-free zinc alloy (dog clips)
  • Reusable
  • Size: Cuffs - 40.75cm circum. (max.)
  • Warranty: 1 year from purchase (from manufacturer)