Vacuum Controller Starter Pack

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The Tenga Vacuum Controller allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside Tenga Cup Series items through a simple button-press!

Vacuum Control is compatible with Tenga Original Vacuum Cups that feature the 'Vacuum Controller Compatible' sticker!

Compatible items:

  • Deep Throat Cup
  • Deep Throat Cup Cool
  • Tenga x Keith Haring
  • U.S. Deep Throat Cup

Vacuum Controller is not compatible with Air-Tech reusable cups or and non-Tenga products.

Runs for approximately 70 minutes, powered by 4x AAA Batteries (batteries sold separately).

How to use:

  1. Remove the cap from the bottom of the Tenga Cup.
  2. Turn ON with the Vacuum Button. Once the vacuum has started please insert.
  3. To turn OFF press the Vacuum Button once more. Always withdraw from item after use after turning the Vacuum Controller OFF.
  4. Ensure Vacuum Controller is OFF before dismantling Vacuum Control Unit and Adapter.

Vacuum Button: Press once to turn ON. Press again to Turn OFF.

Release Button: Pressing and holding this button will release the internal vacuum pressure. If the suction is too strong, please press this button to adjust vacuum pressure. After use, pressing this button will allow you to withdraw more smoothly.

Caution: The Vacuum Controller produces a very strong suction. Please use the release button multiple times to release vacuum pressure to gradually build up the vacuum strength.

Tips for vacuum control:

  • Keeping moderate vacuum strength: Turning the Vacuum Controller OFF will stop the vacuum from getting stronger, while slowly releasing internal vacuum pressure. Using the Vacuum Button smartly will provide you long-lasting suction.
  • Varying vacuum strength: While ON, the Vacuum Controller will gradually build up vacuum strength. Pressing and holding the Release Button during this time will release internal vacuum pressure to allow weaker suction. Releasing the Release Button will once again allow the Vacuum Controller to build up vacuum strength. Enjoy a varying, dynamic sensation.