Luxurious Upgrades of Materials and Sensations.

Featuring an internal elastomer sleeve that’s 1.5 x thicker than the Standard selection.

An extra-firm urethane foam wall pushes back to maximise sensation

The premium versions of TENGA’s famous CUP Series are intense from insertion to finish.

Enjoy gentler sensations with the Premium Tenga Cup, Gentle Edition.

The internal details have been renewed for gentler stimulation. Softer high-quality elastomer and pillowy-soft urethane foam, pre-lubricated with our premium internal lotion, combine to create our most exquisite, subtle sensations yet.

Experience a sensation of indulgent softness made possible with our years of expertise and premium materials

Delectable enveloping pleasure. Soft design that gently covers the shaft.

Product Specifications:

Size: 69 x 69 x 155mm
Weight: 157g
Insertion Length: 150mm
Insertion Width: 45mm