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The enlarged version of US TENGA VACUUM CUP, with an impenetrable deep inside, combined with an enlarged and thickened cup, doubles its sucking and covering feeling! A deep throat experience comparable to real oral sex, sucking in all of you, covering all of you, suitable for you who like oral sex and swallowed whole!

Ultra-hard design that stimulates clearly by adopting special details and hard gel, we have realized the pleasure of stimulating clearly.
Please take this opportunity to try the hard feeling of deep thrust that has evolved through a bold renewal.

This product is designed to have a volume about 1.6 times that of the regular size cup series, but it is not a cup exclusively for large size people.
Even if you feel that a regular size cup is just right, you can enjoy a spacious and deep insertion feeling with a large capacity vacuum.

Product Features:

  • The simulated female kneeling posture is designed for male oral sex.
  • The inner wrap is made of transparent soft rubber.
  • Special complex structure
  • Super pleasure
  • With extra lubricating oil
  • Product weight: 220g