Womanizer Classic 2 Bordeaux

$299.99 $219.99
Embrace your essential pleasure.

CLASSIC 2 offers effortless orgasms. With an elegant design, unburdened by complexity, CLASSIC 2 delivers reliable and discreet pleasure at the touch of a button. No complications, just pure WOMANIZER pleasure.

CLASSIC 2 is the go-to clitoral stimulator for the modern user who wants to have it all, but mostly an orgasm-life balance. Discretion, reliability and simplicity are the core deciding factors. It is designed to inspire orgasms at the touch of a button.

  • Pleasure Air Technology
    Made for you and your body: All WOMANIZER products feature a unique innovation called Pleasure Air Technology. Why is it so special? Your clitoris is stimulated without direct contact. Gentle air vibrations suck and massage together at the same time to provide an unprecedented orgasmic feeling.
    • Extra Stimulator Head
      We know that everyone’s body is different and beautiful! For this reason, every box includes two sizes of stimulator heads to ensure that everyone can enjoy their WOMANIZER.
    • Waterproof IPX7
      You want to dive deeper? Since your WOMANIZER is IPX7 waterproof, nothing stands in the way of a long, relaxing bath, a refreshing shower or even a pool party.
    • Lasting companion
      180 minutes operating time and only a few minutes necessary for you to orgasm: You can calculate for yourself how many orgasms this means.
    • Afterglow
      By short-pressing the power button, your toy quickly reverts to its lowest setting for a relaxing end to an orgasm.
    • 10 Intensity levels
      Whether you prefer soft and gentle or powerful and intense, or something in between – your next orgasm is just the push of a button away. The intensity levels are perfectly balanced and offer the right setting for your every mood.
    - Full Soft-touch ABS surface
    - Body-safe silicone head
    - USB cable with magnetic charging pins
    - Whisper quiet
    - High quality cotton storage bag
    - Charge time: 120 minutes
    - Run time: up to 3 hours
    - Battery: USB rechargeable lithium-ion