Paddy's Cock

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Paddy's cock is a high quality dildo, flexible, penis-shaped, with a skin sensation, made of a material similar to body tissue, without motor, with a highly vascularized surface and a testicle. Its suction cup can be attached to a flat surface.

Cleaning: before and after each use, wash with lukewarm soap and water and a dishwashing detergent. A water-based lubricant is recommended.

Product Features:

large and thick dildo with blood vessel structure for a more realistic experience.            Long dildo that has a penis head and that is thick\It has a suction cup at the bottom.

  • When you need to use the suction cup, it is important that you put it on a clean surface, as it sucks better
  • flexible
  • Color: Black/Flesh
  • Size: 36 * 6 cm/14\” * 2.4\”
  • Insert Length: 27 cm/10.6\”
  • Net Weight: 1365 g/3.0 lb/48 o