Amour Fairy Pink

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ZALO Amorette, the ultimate luxury stimulating egg vibrator, is a unique versatile leisure product to use by yourself or with your partner. The two wings vibration will stimulate the clitoris and G-spot which in turn will bring on an orgasmic experience.

With convenience in mind we have developed the luxury carry case to store your very own stimulating and orgasmic pleasure product.

Amorette has won the XBIZ 2020 Award for Sex Toy of the Year.

Unique two-wing vibration structure
More intensely stimulates the clitoris and G-spot with its ultra soft silicone. Flapping angle of the wings is 0°- 120°.

Exquisite storage case with built in remote control
Convenient for travel, storage of the egg and can be controlled by a distance of up to 26 feet/8 meters.

Somatosensory and button remote control
The remote control has built in latest motion sensing and can control the ZALO egg by simply turning the control.