Male Masturbation

The need for men to masturbate is both physically and psychologically driven, but ‘too much of a good thing’ can be harmful to the health of a man’s penis. This means, that it is important for men to understand just what is considered a ‘safe level’ of masturbation and how they can protect their penis and contribute to their overall sexual function.

The Psychology Behind Masturbation

There are many jokes and puns that have circulated about masturbation, along with myths that masturbation will cause blindness, and give the person masturbating ‘hairy palms’. Of course, these are nothing but ‘old wives tales’, which have not been clinically proven. And fortunately, over the last decade our society and culture have advanced considerably, so that sexual acts, such as masturbation have gained a wider acceptance. Statistically speaking, some 70% of men over the age of puberty are believed to regularly masturbate, and some 90% have stated that they have masturbated at some stage during their lifetime.

Why a Physical Need to Masturbate?

Masturbation is said to have a positive effect on men’s health, as it relieves sexual tension and allows men to focus. This has been clinically proven in several studies, as hormone levels in men who are sexually frustrated tend to be significantly higher than those who are not. In fact, some men who are prominent sporting identities have stated that relieving sexual anxiety before playing in a significant game makes them feel more relaxed and allows them to perform better.

In addition, scientific studies have shown that masturbation allows men to control and improve their sexual function. Self-stimulation of the penis is said to aid in the control of premature ejaculation and aid in the hardening of the penis, so that an erection is of larger proportions. The sexual act of masturbation also allows men to understand more about their penis and its function, and for them to get ‘in touch’ with their sexuality, so to speak.

Understanding what ‘turns a man on’, and how to reach sexual climax is vital in maintaining a pleasurable and satisfying sex life. Plus, it builds a man’s confidence and makes him feel content. This, of course, then reflects in his everyday activities, giving him a well-rounded life and lifestyle.

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Excessive Masturbation and Potential Penis Health Problem's

As the old adage states, ‘too much of a good thing, in excess, may do you harm.’ Yes, masturbation is good, but practicing the act more than 3-4 times a week is bound to cause both mental and physical anguish. This includes:


Desensitized skin on the penis;

Hardening of the penis skin;

Penis vein and capillary damage;

Increased sexual tension and stress;

Impaired nervous system function;


Erectile dysfunction;

Seminal leakage;

Painful sex; and

Over production of hormones

Health professionals recommend practicing the act of masturbation no more than 2-3 times a week and using a good quality lubricant. Use of such a product is said to aid men’s health by decreasing the chances of damaging his penis and the skin of the penis.

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