Plan For A Nauti Night

Wow your partner & turn things up a notch "Plan For A Nauti Night"

Let’s face it some of us are unsure or don’t know where to start when it comes to planning a naughty night. No matter your gender we all love to feel extra special or get attention from our spouse. Sure it’s easy enough to grab a bunch of flowers on the way home from work or book dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant, but think about the brownie points you’ll get when put in superb effort. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get started.

Plan ahead

First things first if you’ve got children (get rid of them) ask a friend or kids grandparents to have them for the weekend. There’s nothing worse then trying to get down and dirty then hearing the sound of little footsteps heading towards your bedroom door. “Major buzz kill”

Think about what activities you might like to try, jot them down and pinpoint the top five on your to do list. Let your imagination run wild, don’t overthink things, if you are “Stop right there” come back to it later. Once you’ve narrowed things down it’s time to start putting things into action.

Doe’s your imagination require some Nauti assistance.

“Tie me up and do me” Like Christian Grey

“Anal Sex” Any hole’s a goal & up the bum no babies right

“Watch me have vibrator sex” Let’s turn up the buzz

“Role play” I’ll be the bunny you be Heff

“Do him with a strap on” Broke back mountain was hot right


“One person’s wet dream is another’s wet blanket,” If you pull out your new moves in the heat of the moment, her startled reaction may frighten you both away from dirty sex for another few years. There’s nothing worse then going that extra mile only to be shot down by a negative reaction. Communication is key in all areas of relationships “no less than that in the bedroom” talk things through with your partner, you may be surprised at the positive outcome you receive.

Keep things safe

Play it safe, if your imagination unlocks you to a new world of pleasure keep things safe.  

Safe words Not just made up by the craze of “50 Shades of Grey’, Safe words are an important part of any Bondage play. They allow you to communicate quickly to your partner that you have reached the edge of your comfort zone easily without causing offence. Pick something random and easily remembered, a good idea is to have two safe words, one for reaching the limit/slow down, and one for no/stop that’s enough. Safe words can be anything you like, a basic standard is orange for slow down and red for stop, but personalize them. Have trust in your partner and yourself for only you know your limits. Debriefing can also play an important role after using the safe word talk about the whys and hows. “Why you used the safe word and how can we do things differently” remember safe words don’t close off areas they lead to better experiences allowing you to explore more options and find new heights of pleasure.

Our Beginners Bondage Kits are suitable for those new to bondage play.

*Note Roping & Bondage do require safety rules due to the pressure points in the body and extreme techniques. We encourage beginners to do some research, there are groups out there that offer workshops and support.

Anal Play

If you're experiencing anal sex for the first time and a bit worried about comfort & hygiene invest in an anal douche to keep things clean. Don’t jump straight into it preparation is the key to fun anal play. Start off with finger play and gradually introduce anal sex toys. Lube it up, there are many types of serums & lubricants available to help with comfort and ease to boost the pleasure.

Feel the Vibe

Thinking about using a sex toy, or wondering if most sex toys are safe for individual or couples enjoyment? Yes! Sex toys are perfectly safe so long as they are used for their designed purpose eg. using a bullet or smooth vibrator that has no base for anal play, with slippery hands and whilst experiencing multiple orgasms may cause the toy to get stuck in the anal canal resulting in surgical removal. Regular cleaning of sex toys will increase its life expectancy and a must to minimize bacterial growth, invest in a good quality toy cleaner and take care not to miss any residue as this may feel uncomfortable during the next use.


Day dreaming over Cat-woman? Can't stop thinking about Magic Mike? Who says you can’t have it all?

Get a pair of sexy men's undies, or a dean’s list schoolgirl outfit. Role Play can be a Nauti way to spice things up. Be a new person for the night, you don't have to limit it to the bedroom. Try going to a bar separately, pretending to be someone else and meeting your partner for the first time. Introduce yourself, ask all the questions to get to know them from the start then convince them to come home with you. Get hot and heavy like it’s the first time or live out your dreams by being with your favorite character.

Dressing up isn't all for her! We have a range of sexy menswear in-store and online, from fishnet side trunks, to breakaway thong’s we have you covered... Or uncovered. You would be surprised at how much fun you can have by being someone else for a night. All this role play talk leads us onto….

Role reversal

Switch it up, strap-on's aren't just for using on her they can be a new sense of enjoyment for him as well. Feel the empowerment of man by doing it “Doggy Style” Again don’t just go straight into action, whilst you’re giving him a blowjob use your fingers to heat things up by softly rubbing the perineum/anus region. Use a slow circular motion at first if he’s hesitant cut back, but don’t stop completely wait till he’s fully aroused and in the thrusting motion then continue. Let’s not forget to moisten things up have some lube on standby.


Set the mood

Prepare and assemble your set when your partners out it doesn’t have to be rocket science. It’s as simple as a few candles, massage oil or nice hot bath run for her/him with bubble bath and a glass of wine, or for a full romantic set up try our Dona romance me gift sets.

If bondage is on your list set out your gear on the bedside table or bottom of the bed. You might like to add a touch of nice and tie some rope in a bow and place on your pillow. A beginners bondage kit will complete the scene. For far reaching anticipation a set of under-bed restraints will bind your lover at your every whim.     

“Once you’ve got the mood set the Nauti stuff will come hot and heavy”

Dress to get undressed

Be adventurous spice things up a little, buy some new sexy lingerie or a Nauti outfit. Take your boudoir dressing up a level, accessorize with shoes or jewelry. The only thing sexier than a woman in lingerie is a woman in lingerie with sexy heels wearing a necklace that doesn't come off when everything else does. Don't wear panties on your next date night (even if it’s just at the house) but especially if it's out in public; a little potential voyeurism goes a long way. It literally takes all of five seconds to go commando. Remember to keep it simple, try not to go overboard with hooks, straps and buckles it can slow down the fun plus sometimes less is more.Your Guy will thank you for it.
Guys you can dress to impress as well a tie & briefs will do the trick, “Yes it’s that easy”


Add something extra

Toys Hit the spots you’ve never hit before or may not have known about. A vibrator or prostate stimulator can take you and your partner to newfound heights of pleasure unlike any other. With such a diverse variety of sex toys available on the market today your options are endless. If you’re unsure, think about what pleasure points turns you on.. Vaginal, Clitoral stimulation, Anal, Milking the prostate sky’s the limit!! Start small and work your way to up!!      

Vouchers Try writing down your ideas and new things you would like to experience on paper and putting them in a jar, get your partner to do the same and once a week take turns picking an idea out of the jar, it doesn't need to be all dirty sex ideas it could be as simple as a massage,

Get into it 

Relax and get into the groove of things for a cloud nine experience, if you’re feeling it they’re feeling it. Speak a little dirty or give your partner an inviting lap-dance to get him/her in the mood “Guys can give lap dances too” Get excited, Get into it, Get Nauti!!


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