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Are sex toys safe?

Thinking about using a sex toy, or wondering if most sex toys are safe for individual or couples enjoyment? Yes! Sex toys are perfectly safe so long as they are used for their designed purpose eg. using a bullet or smooth vibrator that has no base for anal play, with slippery hands and whilst experiencing multiple orgasms will most probably cause the toy to get stuck in the anal canal resulting in surgical removal. Regular cleaning of sex toys are a must to minimize bacterial growth, invest in a good quality toy cleaner and take care not to miss any residue...

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Male Masturbation

The need for men to masturbate is both physically and psychologically driven, but ‘too much of a good thing’ can be harmful to the health of a man’s penis. This means, that it is important for men to understand just what is considered a ‘safe level’ of masturbation and how they can protect their penis and contribute to their overall sexual function. The Psychology Behind Masturbation There are many jokes and puns that have circulated about masturbation, along with myths that masturbation will cause blindness, and give the person masturbating ‘hairy palms’. Of course, these are nothing but ‘old wives tales’,...

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